The Stepfamily Handbook

From Dating, to Getting Serious, to Forming a “Blended” Family

by Karen Bonnell & Patricia L. Papernow, EdD

If you’re a parent beginning to date – or the person beginning to date a parent…this book is for YOU! Everything you need to know abut the pathway from that all important click to the moment you contemplate living together…and beyond.

“Successful stepfamilies build one step at a time.”

The Stepfamily Handbook provides these essentials:

Step-by-step guidance for how to introduce children to a dating partner and pace positive engagement between partners and kids, and kids with kids.

A roadmap through the “Five Stepfamily Challenges” that will likely surface shortly after you begin dating and grow in intensity as your relationship develops — with practical, proven tips to meet each challenge.

Developmentally specific pointers for ushering children through the struggles of becoming part of a new family.

Research-based information on best practices for parenting, stepparenting and discipline in a stepfamily.

Important tips for maintaining a successful relationship with a critical player in the family — the co-parent (ex-spouse), who is the children’s other parent.

A solid communication skills tool box to help you face the inevitable relationship struggles that come with stepfamily formation.

“You’re holding the map to a successful ‘blended family!’ This is essential reading for everyone at any point along the road to stepfamily — newly dating parents and partners, start here. Already living together, jump on in! Important insights with specific, practical guidance about your journey (and the kids!) from two nationally recognized experts. You’ve got the love and the kids-in-tow, they give you the compass!”

—Anne Lucas, MA, LMHC, psychotherapist, mediator,
divorce coach and stepparent

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