A Comprehensive Guide to Skillfully Building a Strong, Child-Centered Parenting Plan

by Karen Bonnell, ARNP, MS with  Felicia Malsby Soleil, JD

If you’re going through separation or divorce, you’ll want a parenting plan. If you’ve never lived together, but intend to raise a child together, you’ll want a parenting plan.

The Parenting Plan Handbook provides the guidance and tools to help parents design a strong, child-centered parenting plan for their children without court battles. Every page contains wisdom and advice on how to design a parenting plan that’s in the best interest of your kids.available on amazon

A skillful parenting plan describes the structure, predictability and rhythm that ensures both parents can emerge from the uncertainty of separation/divorce into stable two-home family life. The agreements and guidelines set-out in your parenting plan establish clarity about your responsibilities to one another, specify essential co-parenting tasks, delineate decision making and minimize unnecessary conflict.

Video coaching seminars now available.

Kids First | Build a Strong, Child-Centered Parenting Plan contains over four hours of video coaching broken into 16 segments that complement and follow the planning steps in The Parenting Plan Handbook. Karen and Felicia walk with you through the parenting plan worksheets  explaining the considerations important to you for your family and your children. Available through Covestream.

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A Message from the Author

As a co-parent coach and attorney team, we know kids do best — physically and emotionally — when parents understand their children’s deep need to stay connected to and be cared for by both of them when that’s possible. Children thrive when confidence and security are present and parents think through parenting plan decisions, come to agreements, and implement changes to their family in a mature, non-adversarial manner. Divorce is a significant family change. When at all possible, we help parents come together to make the best decisions for their children’s future rather than rely solely on attorneys or the courts.

Come learn with us. We’ll share with you our 25 plus years of experience working with families facing difficult transitions as they emerge into secure futures with well-adjusted children. We’ll help you maintain control over your family’s future.

Wishing you the very best,
Karen Bonnell