The D-WordKristin’s back with another book review…

There are lots of books that speak about divorce, but few capture divorce in a child’s voice. “The D-Word: Divorce through a Child’s Eyes” written by Tara Eisenhard does just that.

Tara gives a kid’s view of the fear, anger, struggles… and thankfully the healing that divorce can bring into a child’s life.

Speaking with Tara, she explains that the book grew out of her own desire to express that “families can evolve not dissolve through the process.” She speaks from the experience of not only her parents’ divorce, but also her own.

Through the main character, 12 year-old Gina, Tara skillfully weaves Gina’s experience with the experiences of other family members in a manner that encourages readers to consider the range of perspectives as family members divulge their unique emotional experiences. When we’re in the throes of divorce, those other perspectives are often missed. The book addresses some of the harder aspects such as high conflict, alienation of a parent, loss of childhood ease, and the struggles of adolescence. However the book also addresses how important those small moments of positive change can be in paving the way to healing, acceptance and moving forward.

Tara does a great job with authentic dialogue and wonderful characters, which bring to life the struggle with loss and change for any family going through divorce.

As a professional, it reads with a kind of depth that ties together clinical knowledge about what helps and what hurts children – with the heart of a child’s experience. I would recommend “The D-Word” to other professionals who work with children and families, or parents who are ready and willing to delve into the complex feelings of a child’s experience of divorce.