• “Take just a little better care of myself.” You’ve been doing the very best you can, but just know that loving yourself, taking care of yourself is a very important daily yoga (practice). You can be the parent you want to be for your kids when you’ve taken the time to care for yourself.
  • “Eat more servings of my favorite fruits and veggies…limit servings of negativity and blame.” Re-commit to your best self and know that looking forward with optimism will always trump looking back with bitterness or blame.
  • “Increase laughter with my kids in our home.” Laughter heals and invites hope. Laughter is good medicine. Laughter is the shortest distances between us … laugh together and build loving memories.
  • “Do one extra generous act each day.” (Bonus points for supporting your co-parent in some way with the kids!) Generosity is contagious. Generosity feeds our souls. Generosity is giving without expectation.
  • “Learn something new about your kiddo every day.” We all thrive in the love-light of listening. Exercise your caring heart. Quiet your mind and listen to your children. They’re the source of the absolute best stories about life!
  • “Share your stories of triumph over adversity with someone who needs a hand getting through separation and divorce.” You’ve been walking the path of adjusting to life as a two-home family with your children. Share what you’ve learned; support others; and be part of the village every parent needs to raise resilient, well-adjusted, and resourceful kids.

Kristin and I are wishing you the very best in 2015….much growth, support, and new adventures with your children. We love to hear your stories.  Be in touch!