Kate BellKate Bell
Kate Bell is a former journalist who has worked in print, broadcast and online news. Early on she studied photojournalism and toted a camera on news assignments for several Canadian newspapers. She currently teaches courses in media and culture and is completing a PhD in communication at the University of Washington. Kate enjoys hiking and running, and is blessed to have many opportunities for both. She totes a small camera into the majestic beauty of the Pacific NW. E-mail: . Twitter: kmargotbell

Terry BrookeTerry Brooke
Terry Brooke spends her day insuring jobs for IT professionals, gamers, and the like. She is an amazingly creative woman in a wide range of mediums: cooking, quilting and inventing the “SideSwipe” wallet (www.sideswipewallet.com). She may not have camera carrying credentials, but the heart and soul in her photography is top-notch! .


Denise DeCosterDenise DeCoster
Denise DeCoster traveled in her RV for four years before moving to Hailey, Idaho in October. She takes her pictures while hiking, skiing and fishing. Denise also paints water color pictures from a photo of your home or business for personalized writing cards, invitations and notepads.


Mark GreenfieldMark Greenfield
Mark Greenfield spends most of his time being a pediatrician, and far too little time with his camera.