The photos might be a bit outdated, but Mr. Roger’s calm, reassuring approach never goes out of style — and comes through on every page of this wonderful little book.

“Let’s Talk About It: Divorce” builds upon a central theme: all children need families to love and care for them as they grow.

With simple sentences and lots of photos, the book is best for pre-readers and early readers. As the author posits in the introduction, the book invites parents with their children to discuss their unique family. What I appreciate is that with very few words, the book manages to hit upon the major questions and concerns of most pre-school and early school age children such as:

  • Where will I live?
  • Who will take care of me?
  • What will change?
  • And what will stay the same?

 “Some things will stay the same, even with a divorce. Your mother will always be your mother …and your father will always be your father.”

In addition, the book succeeds at “planting seeds” that validate children’s common concerns in divorce:

  • Children are not to blame,
  • Parents have their own feelings about divorce that are not for children to fix,
  • And that it is okay to have fun and play.

Mr. Rogers explains about a full range of common emotions and emphasizes that children may feel different feelings at different times. With comforting reassurance, he suggests kid-friendly ways to cope such as talking, playing, being with others, or being alone in a special place.

“Let’s Talk about It: Divorce” is gentle and warm without minimizing children’s feelings and experiences. It provides kids both a framework for anticipating change while conveying hope and health.

For parents, he reminds us of the simple ways we can support our kiddos by maintaining their foundation of family.