The Co-parents’ Handbook by Karen Bonnell with Kristin Little is a welcome addition to the literature on co-parenting. Karen, with Kristin’s help have written a contemporary volume to assist parents who are considering divorce or are divorced. They obviously have years of experience and sensitivity in working with families living in two homes. Their style is direct in addressing potentially high conflict topics. They offer parents suggestions to reduce conflict and settle disagreements. This volume can offer parents hope for a different future, one that could have a greater degree of cooperation.

As a family therapist who specializes in co-parenting counseling I was especially touched by the section of the book focusing on building resilience in children. They offer some simple and direct activities for parents to help their children survive and thrive in two homes. I recently taught a course for parents considering divorce and used The Co-parents’ Handbook as a course textbook. I keep a copy out in my office so I can show parents the book I am recommending. Karen and Kristin, thank you for nurturing this book from an idea through to publication.

Randy Cheek, M.F.T., Co-parenting Counselor, Mediator and Collaborative Coach; Past President of Collaborative Practice California and Past President of Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire.