Keeping Kids Central, Not Caught in the Middle

by Karen Bonnell & Elise Buie

The Guide that Helps Parents Shift from Fighting for Parental Rights
to Fighting Together for What’s Right for Kids!

Deciding to separate or divorce? You have so many questions at this stage. At the top: “What’s best for our kids?” “How do we make sure they’re not harmed by our separation?” As an expert team (attorney and mental health professional), we have gathered many of the most pressing questions parents frequently ask and provided essential answers. We’re here to help you get started on a path to successful, healthy, child-centered two-home family living. Start here and know that there are many more non-adversarial, conflict-reducing resources just waiting for you, your co-parent and your children as you make this transition.

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A Message from the Authors

Today’s separating / divorcing parents want to ensure that their children are solidly supported through their family restructuring. The process you choose will directly impact the level of conflict that ensues, the emotional and financial expense, and the long-term impacts for children. Choosing a process that keeps your children’s sense of family and your co-parenting relationship central is key!!

Whether you work with highly skilled mediators, Collaboratively trained attorneys, or pull together a professional team that best suits the needs of your situation, choose wisely. Learn what you can about how best to restructure your family for a healthy two-home future.