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  • Anything worthy of your passion should be worthy of your preparation.
Sue Enquist, Coach 11 National Championships, All-American, and Hall of Famer.

Collaborating, exploring options, mediating, educating, and receiving on-going support for your changing family, sets a foundation for successful transitions—and healthy, thriving children, teens and adults alike.
    • “How to tell the kids” – Preparing for Divorce/Separation
      • Start off on the right foot for this major family transition
    • Developing a Residential Schedule/Parenting Plan
      • Make agreements that can be used in the preparation of a legal parenting plan
    • Creating a Two-Home Family
      • Set up a two-home family; create a secure home base for children
    • Implementing Your Parenting Plan Post-Divorce/Separation
      • Develop practices and protocols that work for strong co-parenting
    • Collaborative Divorce Coaching
      • A non-adversarial, respectful alternative to “fighting” through divorce
    • An Experienced Guide through the Divorce Process
      • Strategy, self-care, skill, intention…