Raising Well-Adjusted, Resilient and Resourceful Kids in a Two-Home Family from Little Ones to Young Adults

by Karen Bonnell with Kristin Little

With a tested “here’s how” approach, The Co-Parents’ Handbook helps parents confidently take on the challenges of raising children in two homes. Addressing parents’ questions about the emotional impact of separation, conflict, grief and recovery, the authors skillfully provide a road map for all members of the family to safely navigate through separation/divorce and beyond. Parents discover through practical guidance how to move from angry/hurt partners to constructive, successful co-parents. The pages are chock-full of helpful strategies to resolve day-to-day issues in an easy-to use format. This book is here to answer questions, help parents co-parent and ensure kids thrive!

    • Karen Bonnell’s, The Co-Parents’ Handbook is very comprehensive, detailed and engaging, with story examples and tips on almost every page. There are many books out now about co-parenting in divorce, but this is the most comprehensive I have seen for parents whose children are their highest priority.
      —Bill Eddy, JD, LMFT, President of the High Conflict Institute, and creator of the New Ways for Families.
      This book contains the absolute essence of practical, healthy co-parenting for two homes. Sound guidance, clear protocols, and compassionate insights — a much needed resource! A "must read" not only for co-parents, but also for anyone interested in how to support changing families.
      —Anne Lucas, MA, LMHC, psychotherapist, mediator, divorce coach and president of Collaborative Professionals of Washington
      Every single person who is divorcing or considering divorce...should read this book over and over...Every Judge who adjudicates family law matters should read this book. Every parent plan that is written should be based on insights from this book. Every participant in a "co-parents' class" required by the court should read this book.
      —Elise Buie, GAL/family law attorney, divorced mother of 4
      This is the most progressive, practical, and hopeful book for families in transition I have read in years. I will be offering a copy to every client who walks through my door. A definite must read.
      —Felicia Malsby Soleil, J.D., founder of Collaborative Professionals of Washington and a family attorney and mediator
      Having been a family lawyer, working with divorcing parents for the past 25 years, my "go to" book for parents has always been Isolina Ricci's Mom's House, Dad's House. No longer! This compact, accessible guide should be in the hands of every person faced with the challenges of co-parenting with an ex-spouse or partner.
      — Joseph Shaub, JD, MA, attorney, mediator, and marriage and family therapist
      I recently taught a course for parents considering divorce and used The Co-Parenting Handbook as a course textbook. I keep a copy out in my office so I can show parents the book I am recommending. Karen and Kristin, thank you for nurturing this book from an idea through to publication.
      —Randy Cheek, M.F.T., co-parenting counselor, mediator and Collaborative coach; past president of Collaborative Practice California.