Over the last 13 years, Coach::Mediate::Consult captured the “summer” of my professional career. So much collaborating, teaching, learning, developing, book writing – bringing co-parent coaching to its rightful place as a cornerstone of the separation/divorce process along with so many of my family law colleagues. Thank you! And now… introducing the next leg of my journey:


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Parents, today, often think of co-parent coaching as a necessary and protective step – providing skills, sharing insights into their children’s experiences, ensuring developmentally-appropriate parenting-time schedules and functional two-home parenting plans, and ushering them into the new life-long relationship as co-parents living apart.


And now, it’s time for the “harvest.” Gleaning all that I’ve learned over the 40 years as a psychotherapist (retired), coach, mediator, I’ve taken the time to refuel and retool through a Sabbatical. The bounty of those quieter months can be found in the pages of my new website!


Please take a moment and read about my current services for parents and professionals, learn more about the books, enjoy podcasts & resources, and explore my reinvigorated commitment to writing through the blogs, Family Files for parents and Words into Letters – a more personal/creative touch.


The journey continues …  I’m glad we’re in this together.