Matt Sossi, a family law attorney in San Antonio, Texas, and his wife Becky, an author of children’s books have partnered together to create something unique and special to help families as they go through a desperate time – divorce. I spoke to Matt, who explained his legal career working with high conflict divorce cases and the hours spent in courts in front of judges. After watching the damage done to families, he was compelled to create a better way forward for kids and parents.

He turned his focus to helping clients resolve their differences outside of the courtroom by creating an interdisciplinary team – utilizing mental health professionals on his family law cases. Matt explains, “Parents make better decisions about their family than lawyers.” He began providing the tools so parents could do just that.

Combining his family law experience and his wife’s gift for writing, Matt and Becky created the website and support program “Kids First, Parents Second.” The program provides a breath of valuable resources such as books, games, kid activities and kid workshops! Highlighting a couple of their wonderful books such as “Mommy and Daddy Troubles” and “You’re an Apple and You Married and Orange,” the Sossi’s offer important ideas to children about why parents divorce, how children are not to blame, and how parents can work together even if living apart. Exploring further, you’ll find child-focused materials that promote emotional awareness and activities for parent-child interactions that reassure.

Matt explains that the project has been two years in the making. The work continues to expand to meet the needs of divorcing families. Currently, they offer a group for younger children (“Little Fruits”) and groups for older children are in the planning stage to assist children as they adjust and understand their changing family.

I’m always exited to hear of professionals developing approaches that decrease conflict and increase a focus on maintaining “healthy family” during and beyond divorce/separation. I’ll be keeping my eye on this website for more innovativev activities and books to suggest to the families I work with. Let me suggest you might want to do the same! Check it out!!